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For a person living with dementia, hospital environments are often large, unfamiliar and confusing buildings that are difficult to navigate.  At Find, we have made it our business to understand the symptoms of dementia and the problems that can arise from a hospital stay.  We know that a person with dementia is at an increased risk of falls, agitation, incontinence and dehydration and have created a range of products to help.


How can we help

Whether to achieve a good CQC rating or PLACE audit, enhancing the environment is the right thing to do to support services in all care settings and Find have developed a range of products that can help improve any hospital setting and achieve a number of positive outcomes.

What can improving the environment achieve?

  • 50% reduction in incontinence
  • 60% reduction in agitation and aggression
  • 70% reduction in slips, trips and falls

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