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  • Abbeyfield launch new Dementia Strategy

    I was both priveleged and flattered to be amongst a small and very select assembly of dementia care luminaries last week at the House of Lords to mark Abbeyfields dementia strategy launch. This significant strategy will ensure that Abbeyfield continue to increase the numbers of people who can benefit from the high quality of services the Society provides.

  • World Alzheimers Day

    £400 billion per year worldwide spent on Alzheimer’s and is of growing concern. Yesterday on World Alzheimer Day I was lucky enough to feature on the Local Calendar News programme in a Care Home in Sheffield where Residents rooms are designed specifically for their needs.

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  • Saving public money on #dementia

    I can't believe I'm the only person to have noticed this but.....

    In the last couple of years as the drive to improve dementia care has really started to gather pace and prominence, it has struck me as odd that people are independently re-doing the same work and processes over and over again.

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  • Great stuff going on in North Yorkshire

    Paradoxically, as is often the case, we seem to have more activity going on in the farther reaches of the UK than we do on our own doorstep. But that's all changing it seems, with a fantastic project to build #Extracare homes in North Yorkshire.

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  • Find enters the German market is now live and doing business in Germany. Our first orders will be despatched this week and we look forward to feedback from our new German clients.

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