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Creating an environment that helps stimulate activity for a person with dementia

For a person living with dementia keeping active in the things they enjoy is extremely important for emotional and physical wellbeing.

By introducing activities that provide opportunities for a person to live a familiar lifestyle can be hugely beneficial not only for the person, but also for the care facility.

Stimulating activities can help people with dementia:

• Foster emotional connections with others
• Lessen anxiety and irritability that dementia may bring
• Make people with dementia feel more engaged
• Awaken positive memories

Influencing the physical space to support a variety of activities

The physical environment can play a significant role in the treatment of people with dementia. By helping care facilities make some simple changes to support a simulating environment we have found that residents and patients appear happier, less bored and more likely to interact with other people.

What changes could you make to the physical environment to encourage engagement in meaningful activities?

It can be difficult to know where and how to start in implementing environmental changes.

Below are a few suggested changes that can help:

• Create a purposeful activity area that is not over stimulating. Make sure the area is well-lit with no unnecessary noise. Use contrasting colour to help people perceive different surfaces.

• Enhance positive stimulation to enable people living with dementia to see, touch, hear and smell things. Introduce sensory and tactile surfaces. Use wall murals, music and interactive furniture to help them understand where they are and what they can do.

• Introduce noticeable landmarks through the use of murals that can be used as reference points to help with way finding and encourage activity by creating themed areas.

Download a copy of our activity guide here for more information on incorporating murals into your environment 

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