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Find works with Primrose Hill Nursing Home to create a dementia-friendly environment

Primrose Hill Nursing Home is a 50 bedded nursing home situated in the north east of Wolverhampton, on Old Fallings Lane. The home was acquired by TCM in July 2017 and has since undergone extensive refurbishment with a view to open it as a brand new facility.

Primrose Hill comprises of three units. Each unit is designed to provide specialist care and support for people living with dementia, complex nursing needs and for anyone requiring end of life care and support.

Specialist Dementia Unit.

‘Forget Me Not’ Lane, Primrose Hill’s specialist dementia unit has been working with Find Memory Care to design a dementia-friendly environment for its residents.

The unit comprises of street themed brick lane corridors, a Café lounge complete with a sweet shop and post office next door, a Bar lounge featuring a red telephone booth and bar counter, a stylish dining room and a spacious conservatory style garden lounge.  All of which offer beautiful views and allows direct access to the lush green spaces of the outside garden.

Navigational aids such as colour-coded doors have also been introduced to help residents find their way around the suite, thus promoting dignity and independence.

The home is also filled with antiques which are intended to evoke enduring memories and spark conversation between people with dementia and their carers, friends and family, such as the old typewriter in the garden lounge, the memory boxes in the café lounge and hat stand adorned with colourful feather boa scarves in the bar lounge.

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