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For someone with dementia, time spent in hospital can create additional stress, but much of this can be reduced by improving the environment.

Improvements such as good dementia signage - incorporating appropriate colours, imagery and clear wording and using the right materials, will alleviate a number of issues.

A person with dementia will often have orientation issues so finding the toilet, for example, can become a real challenge. Failing to find the toilet in time can lead to them becoming too worried to drink for fear they’ll have another accident. Not drinking leads to dehydration increasing the risk of falls, long term incontinence and infections. Simply incorporating appropriate signage can avoid much of this. Once at the toilet they should be able to use it properly and independently so highly visible, contrasting coloured seats and rails are essential.

In addition to the built environment, contrasting coloured crockery should be recognised as an environmental aid. Contrasting coloured crockery removes ambiguity, enabling the food or drink to become the main focus. This encourages people to eat and drink more, meeting more of their daily intake levels to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Additional orientation aids can be introduced to support patients. Large, clear Calendar Clocks that display the day and date, (but never the year) are a valuable orientation tool.

Putting good orientation aids in place reduces the stresses of a hospital stay and Find has helped hundreds of hospitals implement meaningful improvements to their environments.

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Unbreakable mug with feeder lid and large handle for dementia and alzheimer's care

Very Good Excellent Product

Brilliant and love the richness of the colors.

Unbreakable Lid and seal only

Ideal And Great Value

This is perfect for anyone who is struggling to grip and apt to spilling drinks. The colours help with those coping with advanced dementia

Drinking straw with one way non-return valve for dementia and alzheimer's care

Drinking Straw

Good item but could be improved. Valve can be removed for cleaning. It can be re-fitted upside down which renders the straw useless. If the wrong end of the valve had a slightly smaller dia. it would only fit one way.

Drinking straw with one way non-return valve for dementia and alzheimer's care

Good Product

Works well. My mum has problems with a straw due to Bells palsy and now finds drinking from a glass difficult due to a stroke. This has really helped. Would be even better if it was 5cms longer.

Fiddle Muff Activity Apron / Blanket

Brilliant Apron, Ticks Every Box!

Fantastic, so well thought through, ticks every box, the materials are so soft, my dad love it!