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Find is the first company in the world specifically dedicated to the design and manufacture of products specifically for dementia care environments. We have real understanding of the common issues that arise day-to-day and can foresee the benefits and anticipate potential dangers to making environmental changes. Our extensive knowledge and expertise is vital in creating every unique Find design.

Dementia wall murals have proved to be a powerful and effective tool within care homes and Hospitals. They create a refreshed and interesting environment and encourage social interaction between residents, increasing activity levels. Because an engaging home is more comfortable and relaxing for people with living with dementia, it helps to reduce boredom and keeps people involved, active and conversational. This supports a calmer environment, promoting better sleep patterns and eating habits, all of which are vital for overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Find’s dementia wall murals are carefully designed to incorporate the right amount of ‘reality’ attributes without causing confusion and frustration. Our dementia wall murals have frosted window for example, which only suggest what is going on behind the window, but with nothing specific enough to cause frustration.

To create an interactive reality, rather than a false one, murals should incorporate 3-dimensional, interactive elements. For instance, a flower bay, market barrow or a table and chairs can facilitate interaction within the scene the Mural creates. These attainable elements are important because they make an experience real, generating a more positive and social atmosphere and encouraging users to be more active.

Dementia wall murals are orientation tools too, making an area distinct and memorable.

Find Memory Care murals are fire-rated, smooth and easily cleaned. They are manufactured with anti-bacterial and fungal growth inhibitors, making them hygienic for care home and Hospital use. To purchase a mural simply choose your preferred style and colour scheme, then provide us with the name you’d like the shop or pub to be called - you can call it absolutely anything you’d like! Once we’ve received your order we’ll send you a visual of your choices to confirm you’re happy with it.

The out-of-the-box murals are standard sizes that will fit most requirements but for a more bespoke mural please contact our sales office and we’ll be more than happy to tailor a mural to your specific needs.

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