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Door Furniture

To complement our hugely popular Door-cal orientation aid we have created our own range of door furniture that meets the specific needs of a care home setting.

Door-cals instantly create the appearance of a door into someone’s home and typically a front door will have a letterbox and a door-knocker too. It isn't practical to have a door-knocker in a care home, and fitting a real letterbox will compromise the integrity of the fire door.

Our door furniture creates the tactile appearance of a knocker and a letterbox but without the associated issues.

We also manufacture door numbers to complete the range.

The numbers, knockers and letterboxes couldn’t be easier to install as they are all supplied with a hi-tack self-adhesive backing so there’s no need for any tools and no mess and all are manufactured with safe, smooth edges.

For extra-care settings and staff-only doors we've now created our new, interchangeable nameplates which are also self-adhesive, non-reflective and completely enclosed yet attractive and delightfully tactile. Being interchangeable, we've made it really easy to change the information when required.



Set Descending Direction

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Set Descending Direction

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Door-Cals Decorative Door Coverings

Briliant Transformation

I purchased doorcals for a whole corridor in the home I manage, it transformed the area making it so much brighter and easier for our residents to find their rooms. They commented how easy it was to find their home as before they all looked the same. Next to do the walls!

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