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Our aim is to improve the quality of daily living for everyone who lives with a dementia and helping people to retain their dignity is a primary consideration in everything we do - way-finding, locating and using the toilet safely and independently, knowing the time of day, eating and drinking. 

Initially, through available research we identified key issues people with dementia have interpreting and undesratnding what they see and how ageing eyes make things even more difficult to interpret, or even see at all.

10 years on and Find Memory Care remains at the forefront of simple, innovative designs that work and our established design principles allow us to develop a range of exclusive, effective products. It’s been a quiet, yet staggering success which kick-started a revolution in how we manage the role of the environment for good dementia-care.

We consider the environment as three distinct area’s:

Orientation and Way-finding, Activities and Engagement, Nutrition and Hydration.

Orientation and Way-finding:

To help people in what is (or may have become) an unfamiliar environment, good lighting is the primary consideration - The effectiveness of everything else will be affected by the quality of lighting. Sight is the main tool we use to identify where we are. If a place is unfamiliar and everywhere looks the same, how could anyone not feel lost?

To enable people living with dementia to find their way around care homes, hospitals and of course their own homes, Find created exceptionally effective signage.

Colour and contrast, personalisation, era-specific pictures and themes are the tools we use to differentiate from one place to the next and one persons room from another. The ability to be correctly orientated is essential in maintaining levels of activity and keeping stress-levels and boredom to a minimum.

Activities and Engagement:

We all know the cliché about idle hands. The same goes for idle minds. They’re both something to avoid if health and happiness are to be maintained.

Our dementia-specific activities, such as reminiscence jigsaws and memory games engage residents with appropriate levels of stimulation and use the power of reminiscence to stimulate conversation, interaction and good memories.

Find is the first company in the world specifically dedicated to the design and manufacture of products for dementia care environments. Providing meaningful, interesting and engaging spaces will generate a more positive and social atmosphere, encouraging users to be more active.

From Fiddle Muffs to dementia clocks and shops, the environment can be redefined as somewhere better to live.

Nutrition and Hydration:

When dementia, poor vision and dexterity become considerations, eating and drinking cease to be a life-style choice and are much harder to manage. A hospital visit can be particularly risk-ridden when someone can’t remember ‘what’ or ‘if’ they have drank or eaten. Even in the best care facilities, it’s sadly common for someone to become seriously malnourished or dehydrated.

Find Dining and Drinkware help alleviate these problems with a range which makes food and drink easier to see and consume – and always in a dignified way.

Two years of consultation and testing resulted in a unique range of crockery and drinkware that combines ergonomics and colour to ensure the user can see and manipulate their food. Our cups are full of features which support drinking with dignity and confidence and unbreakable glassware provides all the pleasure of using an elegant wine or beer glass whilst being literally unbreakable.

Find helps thousands of homes to implement meaningful improvements, enhancing environments to reduce the daily challenges of living with a dementia and enhancing quality of life.

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