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Dementia care for you at home

At Home

Find provide products designed for the specific needs of people in their own homes to help manage everyday challenges and stay at home for as long as possible.

Dementia can make Home an unfamiliar place. Even when someone has lived there for many years it becomes increasingly difficult to remember where things are. Combined with reduced problem solving abilities, increased disorientation makes everyday life very challenging.

Finding the toilet or locating items in the kitchen, for example, can threaten independence. Installing a clear toilet sign and labeling kitchen cupboards appropriately using dementia-friendly signs and labels can alleviate or eliminate these difficulties altogether, supporting an individual’s ability to remain independent and support their self-esteem. Additional items such as reminder boards, day/night clocks, therapy dolls and fiddle muffs are great sources of comfort and valuable orientation aids.

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Fiddle Muffs

Twiddle Muffs


Unbreakable mug with feeder lid and large handle for dementia and alzheimer's care

Very Good Excellent Product

Brilliant and love the richness of the colors.

Unbreakable Lid and seal only

Ideal And Great Value

This is perfect for anyone who is struggling to grip and apt to spilling drinks. The colours help with those coping with advanced dementia

Fiddle Muff Activity Apron / Blanket

Brilliant Apron, Ticks Every Box!

Fantastic, so well thought through, ticks every box, the materials are so soft, my dad love it!