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As an already well-established signage company, Find’s origins were simple. We were invited by one of the UK’s largest care companies to design products that would support people living with dementia in care settings. After two years initial research and development, Find’s Dementia signage, memory boxes and door graphics were born. And as they say, the rest is history...

Find Memory Care is established as the leading creator of environments for Dementia care facilities, designing, developing and manufacturing memory care products to assist those living with Dementia, benefiting users throughout the UK, Europe the United States and beyond. Find products are created for all care settings where cognition, vision and dexterity are issues, transforming environments for a better quality of life for those living with Dementia.

Living with Dementia means coping with a whole range of issues, Find understand and constantly strive to develop new and innovative products to enhance the quality of life. With the introduction of effective murals and interactive furniture, we have proven that providing meaningful destination points such as cafes and shops can result in reduced anxiety, increased levels of nutrition and hydration, higher levels of exercise and improved social interaction. Furthermore, medical professionals have commented on finding these socially-interactive areas far better than bedrooms for carrying out assessments on patients and residents in hospital and care environments.

Not content with resting on its laurels, Find Memory Care continue to innovate, creating indoor and outdoor environments for all care settings, developing activities designed to stimulate the user, to reduce restlessness and provide a dignified life for the users of its products and creations

Find Signage CEOAnthony CockcroftCEORead more

When the opportunity arose to purchase the parent company behind Find Memory Care, our new CEO, Anthony Cockcroft, knew of Dementia and like many of us had some personal experience, but not in a professional capacity.

Find was already the established market leading brand in Dementia signage, which had a terrific reputation, having created the first dementia specific signage some years prior, but Anthony felt it was capable of much more.

Anthony, (Ant) a successful serial entrepreneur has a track record in getting the best from a business and was immediately captivated by the work Find was doing. Leading the team at Find, he drew upon his creative and manufacturing knowledge and work soon began on the creation of several new product ranges from crockery to clocks into lighting and creating environments.

“It’s really rewarding to work in an area which is so philanthropic, to listen to your client’s needs, to ponder on that requirement for as long as it takes, then design, create and manufacture a product which will improve someone’s quality of life is a wonderful feeling” say’s Ant. “When we see and hear the evidence on how the work we have done has made such a positive difference, it provides a feeling like no other”

“We are not a charity or not for profit organisation, we are an everyday business working hard to create products and environments which not only greatly benefit the users, but the family and care workers tending for them”

Ant continues to devote much of his time to Find and it’s team, he’s always fascinated by their new developments, he’s constantly surprised by our achievements and loves to nurture existing and develop new relationships across the world.

Karen Clayton Dementia care specialist Karen ClaytonDementia SpecialistRead more

Find Memory Care was in its infancy when Karen joined the team, coming from a well-established background in customer services and experienced in providing bespoke solutions, she settled in very quickly.

Karen is the first to admit she loves her job, specialising in servicing Hospitals and the NHS and has learned so much over the past decade.

Karen continues to study how the correct environment has a positive impact on the quality of life for someone living with dementia and is so passionate about finding solutions to enhance daily living.

Karen attended the DSDC Dementia Design School in 2011 and has developed some excellent collaborative relationships with leading authorities in the field. It would be impossible to name all the successful projects she has been involved in, but in her own words, she say’s “I get so much pleasure from working closely with care facilities and hospitals, knowing that the work we do at Find benefits so many people and will do for a long time to come perhaps even until research leads to life-changing breakthroughs”

An Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friend Champion, Karen has a vast knowledge in creating amazing Dementia environments, she regularly shares this information in a logical and sympathetic manner when speaking at conferences and seminars and transfers her experiences into assisting in creating new products and solutions to add to Find’s range.

Rob Windsor - Hey Business development at Findsignage Rob Windsor – HeyBusiness Development ManagerRead more

Having been employed in the print industry for many years, Rob was excited by the new challenges ahead when he joined the team at Find.

Working nationwide predominantly with Care Homes, Rob passionately draws from and shares in the enthusiasm of the individual Home Managers, Activity Coordinators and indeed the residents themselves, to create amazing solutions to the many challenges faced on a daily basis.

From a close family, as a child, Rob spent a great deal of time with his elderly relatives, some of whom had dementia. “I had not appreciated the valuable understanding I had already gained from these experiences and how these translate to assist me in providing realistic common sense solutions, helping to enhance daily life and return a degree of independence to those living with dementia” says Rob.

Rob’s eye for detail never lets him down when creating and developing environments and allows him to go that extra mile for the users of Find’s amazing products.

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