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Alzheimers and Dementia care products by Find

Find is established as the leading supplier of Memory Care products, with customers throughout Europe and in the United States.  Our products are designed for all care settings where cognition, vision and dexterity are issues. 

Our goal is simply to transform environments for a better life with dementia.

As designers and manufacturers of the original and most widely used dementia-specific signage in the world, Find has lead the way in providing simple-but-effective products that help improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. 

Over the past decade, our specially designed products have developed significantly to include our own range of Dementia specific way-finding reminiscence themes and visual aids. More recently our range has extended into Crockery, Clocks, Bathroom accessories, Activities and Memory Boxes and much more besides.

Our products won’t cure Dementia but they will make living with dementia easier and will transform a home into a friendlier, less challenging environment helping to prevent slips, trips and falls, reducing restlessness and restoring confidence and dignity to our customers lives.

What's New?

Latest Articles

  • Find's Ultimate Toilet Seat is a Must Have for Care Homes & Hospitals!

    Just when you thought Find couldn’t improve their toilet seats anymore they’ve done it. AGAIN! Find Memory Care has teamed up with the worlds largest toilet seat manufacturer to create the exceptional Ultimate Toilet Seat.

    Exclusive to Find, this toilet seat is expertly designed to offer more benefits than any other product on the market. The dementia-friendly product is equipped with Sta-tite fixings , which secure the seat and guarantee it will never come loose. Easy-Lift hinges allow swift removal and replacement of the seat to facilitate thorough cleaning of all those hard-to-reach area's that harbour germs. Gold star in hygiene for Find!

    Continue reading

  • Butterfly Ball Will Enrich Care for Patients Living with Dementia

    Find Memory Care’s Director, Peter Rose, will be representing Find this evening, Friday, October 21st at the Butterfly Ball in Blackpool. The event is being held to raise money for dementia care through Trust charity Blue Skies Hospitals Fund.

    The Butterfly Ball has been inspired by the Butterfly Scheme – a national initiative to identify patients living with dementia in a sensitive and discreet way. Continue reading

  • Now Available at the Bar… Find’s New Unbreakable Beer Glass!

    The newest addition to Find’s Unbreakable Drinkware collection is the Unbreakable 25 oz
    Beer Glass!

    This 100% safe, dignified, alternative to glass product is suitable for all accident prone care environments. The Unbreakable Beer Glass is made from a clear, plastic material that is virtually indestructible! It is guaranteed not to break or shatter in the event of a mishap. This eliminates many risks and repercussions that can be associated with breakage. If you’re having a hard time believing this Find has even released a video of their new Unbreakable Beer Glass remaining perfectly intact after owner and managing director, Anthony Cockcroft, hits it with a baseball bat! Say what?! Continue reading

  • Find Memory Care Knows What Time It Is!

    The Analogue Day clock has joined Find Memory Care’s product range!

    Find Memory Care announced the arrival of their latest product earlier this week and, as expected, interest is swarming in. The Analogue Day Clock, described as a “simple-but-brilliant product” by Find’s director Peter Rose, is designed to assist users in remembering the phase of the day and day of the week. Sounds pretty useful eh? Continue reading