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Alzheimers and Dementia care products by Find

Find is established as the leading supplier of Memory Care products, with customers throughout Europe and in the United States.  Our products are designed for all care settings where cognition, vision and dexterity are issues. 

Our goal is simply to transform environments for a better life with dementia.

As designers and manufacturers of the original and most widely used dementia-specific signage in the world, Find has lead the way in providing simple-but-effective products that help improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. 

Over the past decade, our specially designed products have developed significantly to include our own range of Dementia specific way-finding reminiscence themes and visual aids. More recently our range has extended into Crockery, Clocks, Bathroom accessories, Activities and Memory Boxes and much more besides.

Our products won’t cure Dementia but they will make living with dementia easier and will transform a home into a friendlier, less challenging environment helping to prevent slips, trips and falls, reducing restlessness and restoring confidence and dignity to our customers lives.

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Latest Articles

  • The Benefits of a Find Dementia Jigsaw!

    Do you know about the many benefits of our dementia jigsaw puzzles?

    No? Well... They have been created to stimulate, soothe and engage people with dementia by keeping minds and hands busy. Find’s jigsaws also encourage conversation through the power of reminiscence!

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  • Find Memory Care Creates Interior Design that can Help People with Dementia Live Longer!

    It’s easy to imagine how stressful moving into a care home must be for someone with Dementia. A new and unfamiliar environment filled with people they have never seen before...Unable to communicate how they feel or what they need...Growing increasingly confused and frustrated.

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  • See Our Products Live on Emmerdale!

    The popular British soap opera, Emmerdale, has been airing special episodes dedicated to Dementia over the last few weeks.

    Emmerdale has been applauded by the Alzhiemer’s Society, as well as fans of the show, for their realistic portrayal of Dementia in the episodes.

    Cathy Baldwin, organisational development manager at the Alzheimer's Society, states,

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  • The Power of Doll Therapy in Dementia Care

    The popularity and acceptance of empathy doll therapy has grown tremendously within recent years, as the practice and it’s benefits have become more clearly understood. Find Memory Care have designed a therapy doll which remains within the guidelines and suggestions of current research. The weight, balance, size and features are expertly designed to encourage users to engage with the doll.

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